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Founder Leader of the PPP -
Dr. Cheddi Jagan
President of Guyana
H.E Bharrat Jagdeo
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Donald Ramotar




The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is disappointed that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), at its statutory meeting today, did not entertain a submission by our technical personnel, which established that General Elections could be held within the constitutionally due date. It must be recalled that our general conclusion on the timeline for elections is consistent with the latest report of the Joint International Technical Assessment (JITA).

The Party is dismayed that there is now another attempt by the Operations Department of GECOM to engineer a delay in the holding elections outside of the constitutionally due date by way of another proposal on a revised elections timetable.

It seems as if elements in the Operations Department are falling prey to the PNCR Opposition’s campaign of bullyism and threats.

GECOM must not give into the opposition’s blackmailing to push elections beyond the constitutionally due date.

April 04, 2006

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