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Founder Leader of the PPP -
Dr. Cheddi Jagan
President of Guyana
H.E Bharrat Jagdeo
General Secretary of the PPP
Donald Ramotar





We note the press statement issued by Commissioners Joseph, Parris and Williams (April 15, 2006). We have all been Commissioners for many years and have settled many controversial issues with minimum rancour.

Chairman Surujbally’s leadership style has not changed over the years, and the Opposition Commissioners were comfortable with the outcomes of that leadership style then; so why make it a public issue now, at this critical point in our Elections preparations.

Is it that the Opposition Commissioners have another agenda and certain recent decisions may militate against that agenda at this time?

We have been critical of Chairman Surujally on many occasions but have expressed that criticism in writing and very vocally, at our meetings, and without threats to anyone’s personal safety.

At this stage, we wish to go public and state that recently during our statutory meetings, Opposition Commissioners have openly issued threats of violence on many occasions, if certain decisions are taken.

Some of the issues raised by the Opposition Commissioners have no merit and some may be subject to further discussions even though these have been reiterated ad nauseum.

We would very much like to present a detailed response to the statement issued by the three commissioners. But protocol, good sense and decency prevent us from doing so without first a meeting of GECOM to discuss the release and to determine our collective response, including the views of the Chairman of GECOM.

It is our wish that good sense will prevail and the necessary preparations for Elections continue apace.

April 16, 2006

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