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Founder Leader of the PPP -
Dr. Cheddi Jagan
President of Guyana
H.E Bharrat Jagdeo
General Secretary of the PPP
Donald Ramotar





The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) joins the international community in the observance of the Bicentenary of the Abolition by Britain of the Trans Atlantic Trade in Captive Africans, executed by an Act of Parliament on March 25, 1807.

The ending of that iniquitous trade has had a resounding impact on every quarter of the world, including its repercussions as a fore-runner to the eventual closure of slavery itself and its implications for the arrival of other immigrants to Guyana and the great nation that has emerged from and through our collective efforts.

The Party declares even greater pride in sharing with all our people and with the Guyanese African community in particular their distinguished history of achievement. Because, through their resistance and sacrifice Africans not only confronted and survived the notorious middle passages, but laid the foundation for a free nation beginning with the abolition of slavery.

The People’s Progressive Party has the honour to share with the collective Guyanese people in general, and in particular, with the Guyanese African Community, one single endeavour. We share the common struggle towards the establishment of a free nation, indeed in the pursuit of this endeavour the people’s progressive party was founded.

The PPP is committed to working with progressive mankind to ensure that there is no return of slavery in any form whatsoever. We join those working to rid the world from oppression and exploitation.

March 23, 2007

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