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The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) calls on Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to work towards house to house registration without further delay.

The PPP was one of the signatories to the agreement to have a new house to house registration before any new elections in Guyana. The Party signed the agreement so that all contention could be removed from our electoral processes.

The position of the PPP was a compromise since we were and are of the view that a free and fair local government election could have been held using the 2006 electoral list as a base. It is public knowledge that the PPP is eager to have local government elections as soon as possible.

The general view at that time was that the house to house registration would commence almost immediately. However we were later informed that GECOM would be ready to begin the registration process by September, 2007.

The Party notes that September is approaching, and it appears that GECOM is still not ready to proceed. Indeed there are some talk that this exercise may now begin in October.

We wish to point out that the longer it takes GECOM to begin this process the longer it will take to complete the exercise and therefore the longer will Local Government Elections be delayed. The PPP views this as unacceptable, and calls on GECOM to pull all the plugs that block commencement of the registration process.

Founder Leader of the PPP -
Dr. Cheddi Jagan
President of Guyana
H.E Bharrat Jagdeo
General Secretary of the PPP
Donald Ramotar


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