It is with an abundance of pride, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) recognizes the improved environment of the indigenous people of Guyana, in observance of Amerindian Heritage Month 2003.
The late General Secretary and President Dr. Cheddi Jagan was determined to transform the lives of the indigenous people and demonstrate the Party’s desire by ensuring adequate attention was given to their development upon the election of the PPP/Civic in 1992.
In accordance with the struggle of the PPP, numerous measures were put in place to end marginalisation and reduce the impact of poverty that existed among the Amerindian people.
The PPP in admiration of the significant progress in their self-governance, education, health, housing, communication and land demarcation, among other areas under the PPP/Civic Government, is convinced that continuing efforts will further signal the interest in respect to the continued improvement of their living conditions.
The achievements made over the years have placed Guyana prominently among countries which places the development of its indigenous people high on the agenda.
Amerindians are now in the police force, enjoying scholarships inside and outside of Guyana, attending Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), among other significant positions in different areas of the academic and professional fields.
We continue to recognize the contributions made by our first people through their hard work and sacrifice, their perseverance, innovation and creative skills.
Generally, one cannot address the current state of development of the indigenous people in our country without reference to their ‘absolute neglect’ just over a decade ago by the then People’s National Congress (PNC) administration.
As the party which enjoys the largest support from Amerindians, we see the indigenous people as important to our collective history and their development is necessary if there is going to be continued good governance.
The party supports the government in its continued efforts to bring social and economic luxury, among the people of Guyana, including the Amerindians,
The PPP once again salutes Amerindians on the occasion of Amerindian Heritage Day (September 10) and Amerindian Heritage Month 2003.

September 9th, 2003