Vieira and Khan Must Withdraw Allegations

On his television station Mr. Anthony Vieira, one of the PNC’s main tele activist charged that the PPP received ten million dollars from DIDCO for its 2001 elections campaign. This was repeated by PNC MP Jerome Khan at a PNC/R press conference.

The PPP wishes to state categorically that this is a malicious and blatant lie. It is an example of the abuse of press freedom where the media is being used to slander and to lie. It is a demonstration of the total lack of ethics by these PNC spokespersons.

It is quite possible that Mr. Vieira is still operating subconsciously in another era in the pre-1992 days. Such behaviour at that time was the norm.

Today the conditions and atmosphere have been created by the PPP/C government to facilitate business to operate freely and without having to be afraid of any kind of victimization.

The PPP calls on Vieira and Khan to restore what little self-respect they still may have by with drawing the total fabrication that they are indulging in.

December 03, 2003