PPP/C MP calls on Buxtonians to reject criminals in their midst - December 3, 2003

A People’s Progressive Party/Civic Member of Parliament for Region Four (Demerara/Mahaica) has expressed his concern over recent criminal activities in the troubled village of Buxton, East Coast Demerara, where a mini bus driver lost his life.
Earlier today, PPP/C Member of Parliament for Region Four Neil Kumar and a Councillor of the Region Four Regional Democratic Council Kweku Mc Donald, visited the family members of the murdered bus driver Mr. Francis Parmanand Singh, at Second Street Foulis Enmore.
Mr. Kumar assured persons along the East Coast of Demerara that the PPP/C is seriously concerned about the recent incidents involving the robbing of bus and taxi drivers as they proceed along the road passing through the Buxton area. He pointed out that Police patrols have been dispatched to the area.
Mr. Kumar called on Buxtonians to take up a more responsible role in the area and condemn these activities, which are causing problems for the entire village. He said the older persons in the area should take a stand and not allow the youths to go rampant.
He said he shared the concerns of the relatives of Mr. Singh and sympathizes with the son who saw his father killed and was pursued into the neighbouring village, Annandale when everyone in the minibus fled the scene. He emphasized the need for people in Buxton and other communities to come together and form policing groups to fight criminal activities and not allow the people who are trying to make an honest living get murdered.
The visit was a tearful one as the wife of the late Mr. Singh recalled saying good-bye to him before he left home. She said she could not believe the sad news when her son called to say that his father was shot and killed. She noted that her husband was a very caring person who loved his children very much, and it was heartbreaking that her son had to witness the dreadful incident.
Mr. Singh was murdered on Monday last and leaves to mourn a wife and six children; four sons and two daughters. His oldest son died two months ago.