Members of the People’s Progressive Party’s Regional Committees and Activists of Regions 1 and 2 (Crabwood Creek to Mara, East Bank, Berbice) or (Administrative Region #6), have moved a resolution in support of the Executive Committees decision to expelling Khemraj Ramjattan from the PPP for breach of Party rules.

The resolution moved by members of the Regional Committees who are elected by all Party groups in East Berbice, reads: “Whereas the Executive Committee in its disciplinary capacity has on several occasions sought to convince and persuade Khemraj Ramjattan to end public attacks on the party, the leaders of the party and the Government and end all infractions of party rules.”

It also reads, “Whereas Khemraj Ramjattan, when he issued his public statement of February 10, 2004, accused the General Secretary and by extension the entire Central Committee of spreading falsehood, he knowingly and deliberately broke party rules and commitments given to the Executive Committee on February 6, 2004. I.E. to conform to the rules of the party.”

The resolution further says, “Be it therefore resolved that member of the Party’s Regional Committees and Activists of Regions 1 & 2 (Crabwood Creek to Mara, East Bank, Berbice), support the Executive Committee’s decision of Friday, February 13 to expel Khemraj Ramjattan.”

It was further resolved that: “The Regional Committee and Activist demand that Khemraj Ramjattan tenders his resignation as a Member of Parliament representing our geographic Region given our loss of confidence in him as a Parliamentary Representative for Region Six. The Party Executive Committee is urged to take all necessary steps to ensure Khemraj Ramjattan vacates the Parliamentary seat of our party that he is now illegally and immorally holding on to.”

People’s Progressive Party

New Amsterdam, Berbice

February 17, 2004


Original Resolution