Message by the Peoples Progressive Party
to mark the 34th anniversary of our Republic

On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of Guyana’s achievement of Republican status, the Peoples’ Progressive Party calls on all Guyanese to rededicate ourselves to the noble tasks of building national unity, protecting our democratic gains and expanding our economic and social achievements.
The process of national development has gone through many ups and downs in these 34 years. The PNC dictatorship ruined the physical and social infrastructure of our country, stagnated economic growth and suppressed the human rights and civil liberties of our citizens. It required a long and difficult struggle led by the PPP to regain free and fair elections and to lay the basis for the rebuilding of our country after the victory of the PPP-Civic in the 1992 elections.
In the last eleven years, the government has expanded the democratic process and restored respect for the rights of all Guyanese. Guyana can now boast of one of the highest levels of inclusive Governance in the world as a result of Constitutional change, Parliamentary reform and the involvement of civil society in various levels of administration.
We must not take these democratic gains for granted. The PNC is not only seeking to deny and distort these advances but to undermine the peace and stability of the State while aiming to “make the country un-governable.” We call on all Guyanese to reject the perpetrators of organised crime and political violence and to join in the efforts to maintain peace and ensure security.
The PPP-Civic Government has significantly restored the key bases of the national economy which were shattered by the PNC. This has been a very difficult process compounded by a hostile world environment and the efforts within the country of destabilization carried out by the power hungry opposition.
In spite of these difficulties, there have been vast improvements in areas of education, health, housing, water, electricity and other social needs. But much more needs to be done.
The process of globalization and trade liberalization poses severe challenges to our young developing Republic. To meet these challenges, we need to reduce those pressures caused by the efforts to divide our nation.
In celebrating our 34th Anniversary of the Republic, let us take guidance from the Father of our nation, Dr Cheddi Jagan who reminds us that “now is the time when we must all give a little more for our freedom; we must care a little more for our people; we must sacrifice a little more for the greater good our Nation and her future.”