Press Release

Developments in Haiti

The People’s Progressive Party is deeply concerned at the turn of events in Haiti. The removal of President Aristide is undoubtedly a blow to democracy in our region specifically and the world at large.
President Aristide made all the concessions that were reasonable to bring about a solution but they were not accepted.

Aristide who was adamant that he would not leave until his constitutional term was completed in 2006 is now claiming that he was kidnapped. This is very serious and needs to be totally clarified.

The countries with the capacity to intervene on the side of the democratically elected government lost an opportunity to defend democracy and the rule of law by failing to do so. As a result the gangs were able to commit atrocities that led to the loss of several lives and destruction of property. This has continued the violent history of that country.

Now that Aristide is no longer in Haiti we see that several countries are sending their military to restore order on the ground. We wonder why that could not have been done before President Aristide’s departure.

March 02, 2004