Statement by Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon to the weekly Post-Cabinet Media Briefing


Guyana will be celebration the 11th Anniversary of the PPP/C Government in office arising from its victory at the historic free/fair election of October 5th, 1992.

Since the return of Democracy, Guyanese have seen advances in every sector of national life.

The business of governing has seen initiatives of the most fundamental nature centering on:

(1) Increased accountability, transparency and most important oversight of the Executive Branch of the Government by a Parliament with extended powers;

(2) Increased Inclusiveness both by Constitutional means and by political accord;

(3) Parliamentary Democracy has been strengthened.

The PPP//C Government has and continues to fulfil its commitments to Guyanese in the important areas of social services.

The figures reflected primacy of the commitment and the consistency: Education, Health, Human Services and Social Security.

A veritable revolution in housing coupled with a very necessary policy change with regards to land distribution and titling.

The economy saw impressive advances initially but growth has been slowed and aggravated by both external and internal factors.

The body politic is slowly healing after the turbulent days of post 1997 elections.

New leadership in both major Parties and the involvement of both civic and external agencies have furthered this process.

In this, the beginning 11th year of the PPP/C Government in office, the PPP/C Government remains committed to its pledge to Guyanese:


(1) Accountable and transparent Government;

(2) Equitable distribution of social goods and services;

(3) Economic growth and development;

(4) Social justice, peace and stability.

The PPP/C Government welcomes the support of Guyanese regardless of their differences, in struggling to achieve greater heights for Guyana.